National Sportsmanship Alliance (N.S.A.)

Join the National Sportsmanship Alliance (N.S.A.). Our members (men, women, girls and boys) strive to promote sportsmanship. Read the following pages and show them to your parent(s) or guardian(s). As more people throughout the country join N.S.A., everyone will experience greater enjoyment in sports and other recreational activities, because:

Sportsmanship levels the playing field.
Sportsmanship is the key to fun in sports.

Play by the rules and you can/will expect others to play by the rules.

When you print and complete the registration form and submit the form along with your one time thirty dollar ($30.00) fee, you will receive a certificate (with your personal ID #) which acknowledges your lifetime membership in the National Sportsmanship Alliance and a National Sportsmanship Alliance patch.

Your membership fee will help to fund scholarships and/or financial aid for students who have completed high school (or a comparable prep school) and wish to further their education, but need help financially.  A student who has chosen an alternate career which requires advanced education or training, but not college, may also apply for a scholarship or financial aid. Members will be considered for scholarships or financial aid before non-members.   

Click to download membership application (.pdf)